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With the experience of having worked for over 30 years in mental health and social care services, and ten years experience in Cognitive Analytic Therapy, I offer individual and couple CAT therapy for a wide range of personal, emotional and relationship difficulties.

Based in Brighton East Sussex, I can offer both daytime and early evening appointments to suit you.

What is CAT?
Cognitive Analytic Therapy is a modern, time-limited form of therapy. At its heart is a relationship of trust between client and therapist within professional boundaries, and its purpose is to help the client make sense of their situation and to find ways of making changes for the better.

CAT is concerned with the effects of childhood experiences and relationships (like psychodynamic or psychoanalytic therapy), but it combines this with an open, collaborative style that is time-limited and focussed on agreed goals, in the same way as cognitive therapies like CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy). So in many ways it offers the best of both worlds. read more...

Psychotherapy or Counselling?
Explaining the difference between psychotherapy and counselling is not easy because there is not a clear line that distinguishes one from the other; there is a large overlap between the two. Both involve one-to–one talking therapy on a regular, usually weekly, basis. Both involve developing a therapeutic relationship or alliance between the trained professional and their client. read more...

Would you like to talk?

Daytime and early evening appointments are available.

You can phone on 01273 566484 or contact me to arrange a free, no obligation discussion